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Sun City West Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy is the last thing an individual or business wants to experience. It entails court trials, facing creditors and government-appointed trustees, and if you are not familiar with the process, it can be a stressful experience. If you want to save yourself the trouble of dealing with bankruptcy alone, it is important that you get a Sun City West bankruptcy attorney to be your legal support during this time.

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Dodge & Vega PLC is the bankruptcy law firm you can reach out to if you live in Sun City West, AZ, and need a team that can handle any type of bankruptcy case such as yours. In Arizona, there are five bankruptcy courts. Depending on the bankruptcy filed by the person and the total amount due, they are settled either by reorganization of finances, court-approved payment plans, or property liquidation. The terms of the arrangement will continue until the debt is fully paid.

Whether you plan to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy, or other bankruptcy filings, our Sun City West bankruptcy attorney can determine which filing is ideal for your case and guide you through the entire process. We guarantee that our attorneys will be with you throughout your case and help you get your life back on track as you follow the financial arrangement religiously set by the court.

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

When a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is declared, an individual’s non-exempt properties are liquidated to pay for their remaining debt. Once the debt is paid, the person can have a fresh start in their finances despite the fact they will lose their properties to clear those debts.

Sun City West Bankruptcy Attorney pexels karolina grabowska 4475523 300x200A person filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will need to pass the means test, a special criterion that prevents them from abusing their rights to file for bankruptcy. If they pass the test, it means that they are indeed bankrupt and deserve to be allowed to a Chapter 7 filing to get their lives back in order.

Filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy after passing the means test is straightforward. It will involve a court petition for the bankruptcy order, which will collate all the documents and draft the schedule for the process. The person will also be required to attend a credit counseling course that they must take before they can file for bankruptcy. They must also meet with the court-appointed trustee and even with the creditors, so they are updated with the entire program and all the documents are filed. The trustee will then start the process of auctioning and selling the person’s non-exempt assets and distributing the money collected to the creditors to settle the outstanding debts.

It is recommended that anyone filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy get the advice of an expert to get it filed properly and be guided accordingly. The entire process can get very stressful and confusing if you are not familiar with the terminology used. If you are looking for a trusted Sun City West bankruptcy attorney, you can trust Dodge & Vega PLC. We promise to represent your interests throughout the case and assist you in doing all the legal paperwork and documentation.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Unlike Chapter 7 bankruptcy, where properties are auctioned off to pay off your debt, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy will require a defendant to follow a court-approved plan to sort out the existing debt and identify the amount of money that will be distributed to each creditor involved every month.

Sun City West Bankruptcy Attorney pexels pixabay 53621 300x177Chapter 13 bankruptcy is also known as “wage earners” bankruptcy because it allows a person who has declared bankruptcy but still has a steady source of income to get their life back by putting them under a slow but steady repayment program for their debts.

People often want to be approved for Chapter 13 bankruptcy to protect their assets from foreclosures and other threats and get opportunities to reorganize their finances, as well as pay back any delayed payments they may have, such as taxes and mortgages.

When approved, the Chapter 13 plans will reorganize your finances, and it will last from five to ten years, depending on your total debts. A trustee is assigned to the plan, and they will be the ones to make sure that the plan is met and paid for on time. People under this bankruptcy plan must prove they have a stable source of income to pay the monthly due. Our Sun City West bankruptcy attorney can help you arrange the best Chapter 13 payment term for your case.

Benefits of Getting a Bankruptcy Attorney

There are many benefits to hiring a bankruptcy attorney if you plan to declare one and if you are already undergoing your bankruptcy hearing.

Sun City West Bankruptcy Attorney pexels skitterphoto 9660 300x196Once you declare bankruptcy, you will need to save up all the funds you have remaining to try restoring your life or your business in order. With a bankruptcy attorney, they can guide you through the complex and technical aspects of your bankruptcy case and be your legal representative. You can ask them any question you may have about the case, and they assist you in collecting or filing the right paperwork which you will need during your case. If you feel like your documents are not enough to help you with your defense, the bankruptcy attorney can take a look at them and identify which documents can be used.

Aside from helping with the paperwork, a bankruptcy attorney can provide you with all the legal options available to resolve your case amicably. They can also determine which bankruptcy chapter is ideal for your situation because even if Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy are the most common bankruptcy options, they may not be applicable to you. They will pick the best option for you so you can save most of your existing assets and get a payment plan that you can handle.

A bankruptcy attorney is also ready to negotiate with your creditors, trustees, and the court in order to fight for your interests. They will make sure that your interests are heard, you have a chance to protect your assets and collateral, and get the best payment terms and interest rates to settle your debts without straining your budget further.

When you reach out to our Sun City West, AZ bankruptcy law firm, we make sure that your finances are not strained further. We will sit down with you to learn more about your case and create a strong defense for you. Our team will also provide you with the resources you need to keep up with the case and get your life back into order.

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If you or your business is on the brink of bankruptcy or are already bankrupt, you should not dawdle and reach out to a trusted Sun City West bankruptcy attorney immediately. These attorneys can help you understand your options and become your legal representative as you deal with the legal fallout of your bankruptcy case.

Find out more about our legal services today by reaching out to our hotline, and one of our bankruptcy attorneys will be with you to answer your questions.

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