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El Mirage Child Support

The law secures the protection, happiness, and welfare of children so they can grow up into holistically healthy citizens of the country. Receiving their basic needs, such as food, shelter, education, and clothing, is a right that parents must adequately provide.

El Mirage Child Support AdobeStock 328355530 Child Support 1 300x202Arizona state laws provide that both parents must contribute to the needs of their children. While this can be mistaken as both parents having to contribute the same amount of financial resources, the most common arrangement, in fact, is that one parent provides money while the other takes care of the daily needs of the children involved.

In cases of divorced couples, it is the court that has the power to decide on who is most fit to handle the daily upbringing of the child and who will be in charge of the majority of financial resources. They will, of course, consider important factors like the income of the parents, the current arrangement of custody, the gravity of the situation, and the needs of the children.

As a leading law firm specializing in Arizona family law, Dodge & Vega PLC can handle every legal matter that you will have to go through in your child support case. From helpfully explaining your legal situation to representing you in all meetings and court proceedings that will be necessary for the process, we are here to make sure you get the best possible fighting chance in enforcing child support. You won’t regret getting a El Mirage child support attorney from Dodge & Vega PLC!

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Child Support Calculation

The major idea of child support cases is making the right arrangements in financial provisions between a divorced couple. Although money is a major factor, the parental responsibilities of the one who will receive the money are also heavily considered.

El Mirage Child Support AdobeStock 236346139 Child Support 2 300x200In the context of a child custody arrangement, the parent who has the most rights and responsibilities over the child is often the one who receives financial support from the other. It is already understood that the parent who is involved in the daily upbringing of the child is already contributing equally to the situation. But certain situations, such as when the custodial parent earns much more than the other one, definitely demand special court actions.

Whatever complications your situation has, Dodge & Vega PLC is here to figure out the best way to achieve the most favorable child support arrangement for you and your kids.

Here are certain factors that the court considers when it comes to deciding on child support matters:

1. The number of children eligible to receive child support
2. Educational expenses, medical sickness coverage, and other important financial considerations
3. Physical time spent by each parent with the child
4. The financial capacity of each parent
5. Other financial resources such as investments, businesses, social security, etc.
6. Amount of spousal support received if there is any.

To maintain the kids’ relationship with their parents, the court considers carefully the time spent by each parent with them. Coupled with the financial resources that the children need to live a good life, the court will judge the situation with the kids’ welfare in mind as the top priority. This is also what we want for you. The court does not immediately know all the information about your case. So we will make sure that we argue effectively so they can see how to best take care of your children by making the best possible child support arrangements.

Whether you’re the one who needs to receive child support from the other parent or you’re the one who needs to settle your obligations as a child support provider, Dodge & Vega PLC can provide you with a skilled and understanding El Mirage child support attorney.

Child Support Enforcement

It is a well-known problem in child custody and support cases that some parents are totally or partially uncooperative, refusing to properly carry out the initial arrangements.

El Mirage Child Support AdobeStock 295355478 Child support enforcement 300x169In such situations, it is best to get a El Mirage child support attorney to file and process child support enforcement.
Another situation wherein child enforcement must be filed when the child involved becomes 18 years old, which makes them ineligible for child support.

The exception is when they are under special circumstances, especially medical conditions. The parent would need to tell the court that even if the kid is now aged 18, child support is needed.

Whatever situation compels you to ask for child support enforcement, Dodge & Vega PLC is here to help out. We will analyze the details of the terms. We will help you find out the reasons why the other party is refusing to cooperate and make the right arguments to the court to convince them that legal action is necessary for the sake of the children involved.

Child Support Modification

Child support modification is another legal action that a parent can file if certain changes to the initial arrangement must be made for the welfare of the kids. We can help you present your case well to the court, especially if there is a great need for a child support modification.

El Mirage Child Support AdobeStock 262354972 Child Support Modification 300x200Examples of circumstances that demand modification include changes in income (whether it’s a raise or a job loss), address relocation, detection of a serious illness, and other major changes to the lifestyle of the children or parents.

To guarantee that the child support cases on our list are dealt with care and attention, Dodge & Vega PLC’s team is always ready to collaborate with the El Mirage offices of child support and social service. Our company is always available to assist you with all the legal affairs of modifying child support whenever the need arises. We are also always willing to help you comprehend how the changes in child support arrangements happen and what elements are considered by the court to make them equitable and favorable for all parties, especially for the children.

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Being a decent parent means providing your kids with the resources they require to grow into well-rounded adults. As the kids thrive and accomplish their goals and dreams, it is essential that they have adequate support in all areas, including food, housing, schooling, and medical services. It will improve your relationship with your kids if you can help them out financially and emotionally in all their pursuits. More importantly, this will make them feel loved and cared for.

Dodge & Vega PLC is always open for anyone looking for a El Mirage, AZ child support law firm that can assist you in determining the best child support arrangement for your kids. Calculating child support amounts, modifying the initial terms, enforcing the support obligations on an uncooperative party—tell us what you need. We’ll be there to handle your case expertly!

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