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Litchfield Park Divorce Lawyer

Marriage is primarily entered by happy people. It is a legal and financial commitment as much as it is an emotional and, for some, spiritual one. This is why in a divorce, people experience way more than just the severance of their legal and financial ties, making the entire process much more complicated than just signing papers and contracts.

Litchfield Park Divorce Lawyer AdobeStock 216831086 Divorce Layer 1 300x200Moreover, divorce cases typically involve other crucial affairs, such as who gets the most rights over taking care of the children and how much the more economically challenged spouse must receive from the other. Issues such as alimony, child custody, and child support are complicated situations that no one must handle alone.

As long-term experts in marriage and family law, our Litchfield Park, AZ law firm’s legal specialists understand not just the technicalities and legalese of divorce cases. We also have sincere empathy for those who are undergoing this legal process. From analyzing your situation and building the best legal plan to representing you in court proceedings and laying out the best arguments to win your favor, we are ready to offer every legal service that you will need—and we will deliver them with the utmost compassion, dedication, and skills. Get a Litchfield Park divorce lawyer that has both excellence and understanding. Work with Dodge & Vega PLC today!

Call Dodge & Vega PLC today at (602) 737-2368 for your Free Consultation with a Litchfield Park Divorce Lawyer! Discounts are available for law enforcement and first responders.

Dedicated Divorce Support

Among the many options you can choose, we assure you that the Litchfield Park divorce lawyer that you can get from Dodge & Vega PLC is one that you can trust with this difficult situation you’re facing.

Litchfield Park Divorce Lawyer AdobeStock 291411731 divorce lawyer 300x169Divorce situations are rarely peaceful. Because it usually involves children, cherished properties, and other valuable entities that we have, one wrong decision can mean a massive negative impact on one’s life. It is crucial that you get the best legal help that you can obtain.

Partner with us, and rest assured that you will get a legal team that will be fully dedicated to helping you make the best possible decisions regarding your divorce situation. As negotiations, bargains, and litigations take place; we will be there by your side, offering sound legal advice and skilled representation services to give you the best fighting chance.

Child Custody & Child Support

Divorce cases become a significantly different situation when children, especially minors, become involved. Don’t make the mistake of not getting a Litchfield Park divorce lawyer for such instances.

Litchfield Park Divorce Lawyer AdobeStock 9125025 Child Support 1 300x200It is inevitable that children involved in a divorce will have their lives changed forever. But our law provides for this arrangement because it is the best course of action. Otherwise, children might have to struggle with constantly fighting parents, toxic household situations, and even abusive parenting in many cases.

For many couples that still want their children to have a good, working relationship with both parents, the law provides divorce arrangements that would still allow close contact among all the parties involved without forcing a marriage situation.

Let us be the provider of all your legal support as you go through this situation with your children. We will help you understand the twists and turns of custody laws and represent you in all the legal meetings and court proceedings that you might need to undergo. If there is any disagreement between you and your ex-spouse, we will do everything we can to make sure the welfare of the children is taken care of while gearing things toward your interests.

You can trust the Litchfield Park divorce lawyer that we will provide for you. This is because at Dodge & Vega PLC, we believe in the effect of the law on how the children of our nation are brought up. We will make sure that the rights, interests, and welfare of your children as you go through a divorce are well protected and upheld.

Alimony & Spousal Support

In some divorce cases, the issue lies in how drastic the lifestyle change will be for one party. Spousal support is established by the court for situations where a party of a divorce has a significantly higher source of financial resources than the other.

Litchfield Park Divorce Lawyer AdobeStock 346264294 Alimony 300x200If you are on the receiving end of the arrangement, rest assured that we will do everything we can to convince the court that you are deserving of spousal support. As matters of eligibility, legal responsibility, and financial lifestyles are discussed in court, we will be there for you, representing your interests accurately and excellently.

On the other hand, if you are the one being forced to provide spousal support, we are also ready to provide you with the best of our legal services. We will make sure that there are enough legal grounds for this assertion and, if there are, argue for a reasonable amount that will be fair for all parties involved.

Your interests are our priority when it comes to alimony and spousal support cases. Whatever side you are on in this issue, we will make sure that all legal resources are used to argue and win in your favor.

Asset & Property Division

When it comes to divorce situations that involve high-value properties and assets, you will need a Litchfield Park divorce lawyer that will be as dedicated as you are to preserving what you own.

Litchfield Park Divorce Lawyer AdobeStock 367228205 Asset Division 300x200Properties like vehicles, real estate, businesses, and other financial assets are definitely valuable. You wouldn’t want to lose them just for the sake of having a smooth divorce process. Plus, some valuable properties can mean more than just their monetary value. These issues can make asset and property divisions much more complicated and challenging to handle.

With our team of legal experts, we can provide you with all the legal resources needed to evaluate your assets and properties, identify which ones you legally deserve, identify which ones your ex-spouse might want to fight for, and identify which ones can be strategically used as leverage to obtain the properties that are more important to you.

The process is not as easy as distributing gifts or properties owned by either party before the marriage. The law is straightforward when it comes to these things. But when it comes to properties and assets that are obtained by the couple during the marriage, the situation becomes increasingly complex; more so with financial entities that cannot be divided into two equal parts (e.g., insurance, businesses, etc.).

Regardless, Dodge & Vega PLC’s Litchfield Park divorce lawyers guarantee their dedication to pursuing your interests in this complicated financial situation.

Business Owner, High-Value, or High-Profile Divorce

Divorce is plainly tough for people from all walks of life. But sometimes, it can be much more complicated when atypically, high-value assets are involved.

Litchfield Park Divorce Lawyer AdobeStock 443352878 High Profile 300x200The properties of high-profile individuals, such as business owners, politicians, or celebrities, are not easy to handle. But it’s not something Dodge & Vega PLC cannot manage. We have worked on such projects through the years, so you can also trust us to settle these matters with veteran skill and efficiency.

Rest assured that the details of your high-profile case will be treated with respect, protection, and privacy. Any legal service, advice, or assistance that you will be delivered to the best of our capabilities.

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Divorce is not a small commitment. By partnering with an excellent Litchfield Park divorce lawyer that you can trust, you’ll be making sure that you will be making the best decision regarding this challenge that you will be facing. Get the best possible legal services at Dodge & Vega PLC!

You can guarantee that our Litchfield Park divorce lawyers are not just skilled and seasoned but also compassionate, dedicated, and understanding. Regardless of the complexity of your divorce, we’ll be ready to work with you on finding the best legal solutions to fix your situation.

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