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Glendale Domestic Violence

If there were a list of the worst crimes anyone can commit, domestic violence would be up there. How could it not if it involves abuse by people in our homes, the ones we are supposed to trust? This makes any Glendale, AZ domestic violence cases significantly challenging and complicated to handle. But don’t worry. Dodge & Vega PLC is fully dedicated to helping anyone or any family going through a domestic violence situation.

Glendale Domestic Violence AdobeStock 332270010 Domestic Violence 1 300x200Another legally significant reason why domestic violence is relatively harder to manage than other family-related crimes is that it can be questionable at times if an actual crime has been committed. If we would look at certain cases handled by courts in the past, such as verbal abuse, child abuse masked as discipline, and women physically abusing their husbands, we would see that these situations are not always black and white.

You deserve nothing less than a skilled, trained, and dedicated Glendale domestic violence expert for your case. However, what we assert at Dodge & Vega PLC is that more than being excellent lawyers, we are also understanding and compassionate towards our clients, which are traits that we know they need from their legal aid. From identifying legally enforceable domestic violence cases to providing every representation service that you need, Dodge & Vega PLC is here to be the law firm that you trust and need.

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Defining Domestic Violence

Most people understand that domestic violence typically means child abuse or spousal abuse. But there are cases that make this definition too narrow.

Glendale Domestic Violence AdobeStock 332270010 Domestic Violence 2 300x200To be more technical, domestic violence is a crime characterized by assault or battery done by a person to their household member, former household member, or any sort of intimate partner. This means that even if you’ve been a victim of this crime years ago, we can still do justice to your situation.

Physical domestic violence is the most obvious and provable type. But the law also protects those affected by verbal, psychological, and mental abuse. Some examples include food deprivation, controlling, stalking, and threatening.

If you have a hunch that someone is being domestically abused, it is best to contact law enforcement or a legal expert as soon as possible. Our office is always available even if you don’t have strong evidence yet of stalking, manipulation, or other kinds of domestic violence. Our highly trained legal experts are always ready to help out.

Legal Protection From Violence

Once we’ve received a case of domestic violence or a potential one, the safety of the victim becomes our immediate priority. We will execute every measure that our resources allow to guarantee the safety of our clients, that they are physically separated from the accused, and that all legal actions that can be initiated will be immediately taken care of.

Glendale Domestic Violence AdobeStock 245212669 Domestic Violence 3 300x169An example of a legal action that we can immediately assert is a Victim Protective Order, which guarantees that the abuser will remain distant from the victim. Certain legal penalties can also be filed against the abuser depending on special factors, such as the history of the abuser, the severity of the case, and the discretion of the court.

Whatever our clients need, we will do everything we can to provide it to them. We will exhaust all our resources and abilities to make sure they can get the best protection possible, even before court proceedings take place. We understand the gravity of the situation. You won’t regret trusting Dodge & Vega PLC for your Glendale domestic violence case.

Let’s Talk Now – Free Consultation

Glendale Domestic Violence dodge vega logo 1 300x50Don’t hesitate to contact our office once you see signs of domestic abuse within your family or neighborhood. As your Glendale domestic violence attorney, we will do everything we can to make sure the victim is protected and that their rights are rightfully and skillfully defended in court.

Safety and justice are our top priorities for our clients. Any legal assistance that they will need through this tough time will be delivered with skill and excellence by our highly trained lawyers and legal experts. We will do everything to make sure that you get the justice you deserve.

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