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Luke AFB Father’s Rights

One of the most precious things a person can have is a strong relationship with their parents throughout the course of their life. If you are a father unmarried to your child’s mother or don’t live in the same residence as them due to divorce, it can be hard to build a relationship with your child, and you may experience legal issues along the way.

Luke AFB Father's Rights AdobeStock 517598384 Father Rights 2 300x200Arizona’s family law states that if an unmarried couple has a child, the mother will be given full rights and responsibilities over the child. The father can only be given such rights and responsibilities through court action to establish paternity.

Both parents can file for a child’s paternity. If a father wishes to be recognized legally as the biological father of his child, he can undergo a paternity test to establish his paternity. If recognized, he can speak to the mother in court regarding the means he can support their child. Mothers often aim to ensure that their child has enough funding and support and has a father figure in their life when they file for their child’s paternity.

If you are a father who wishes to establish parental rights over their children, you can contact us at Dodge & Vega PLC. Our Luke AFB father’s rights legal team can help you understand the current state laws on father’s rights and help you with the steps necessary to establish your paternity. We will handle your case with great care and help you meet your goals, whether to have a time-sharing agreement with the mother of your child or to sort out support obligations. It is our goal to help you build a relationship with your child and have it recognized by the court.

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Establishing Father’s Rights

The law states that a father who is not married to the mother of his child has no legally protected rights over the kid.

Luke AFB Father's Rights AdobeStock 517598384 Father Rights 1 300x200Men who fall under this type will have to go through many processes and pass certain standards to establish a legally-supported relationship with their kids and have their rights recognized. They must prove particular important things, such as their financial capacity, emotional stability, and sense of responsibility that any decent parent must have.

Unfortunately, even before discussions about child custody or support can begin, paternity, or the legal recognition of being someone’s father, must be proven and approved by the court. To establish paternity and have it acknowledged by the court, a paternity test is utilized generally.

Keep in mind, however, that paternity does not automatically grant the father all of the parental rights that married parents have over their children. You will also need to prove in court that you have the resources to support the children and that you are willing to take responsibility for their lives as they pursue their goals in life. But after you’ve passed all these legal standards, we will celebrate with you as you enjoy family with all the newly established time-sharing and custody arrangements with the child’s mother.

The Importance of Legally Protecting Your Relationship

Unmarried couples are allowed by law to make an informal arrangement by themselves about the father’s visitation rights with their children. Unmarried and dating couples commonly settle with this arrangement. Both parties consent readily without much issue.

Luke AFB Father's Rights AdobeStock 517598384 Father Rights 4 300x200The problem with this is that because the father-child relationship does not have the support of the law, the mother can easily break off contact and communication between the father and the child. They can do this even without providing a reason; therefore, this informality does have some significant drawbacks. Mothers can do this without breaking the law, making fathers really be on the losing side of the arrangement.

Arizona state law has paternity establishment laws built for this exact problem. We will make every effort to support you in developing a working and legally recognized relationship with your child by effectively convincing the court that you deserve the right to be your children’s father.

Divorced Father’s Rights

Divorced men have more alternatives to consider when it comes to establishing their rights as fathers.

Luke AFB Father's Rights AdobeStock 517598384 Father Rights 3 300x200They don’t require a paternity test to prove their link with the child, which is a big contrast to unmarried fathers who only have a few options in seeking paternity rights. However, this does not mean that it can’t be challenging for divorced fathers to build a legally supported relationship with their kids in the context of their divorce.

Strong father-child relationships are essential for every child’s growth, especially in the emotional and mental aspects of their upbringing. This is why when kids’ parents get divorced, strong feelings of vulnerability and insecurity make it much more difficult for them to go through life. The loss of a father or even a father figure makes a massive difference in a child’s life.

Contesting Established Paternity

Many cases call for legally and medically establishing a child’s parentage, with which our firm can also help you. Even unmarried couples that don’t have any issues would still have a father who wants to legally protect their relationship with their child. Dodge & Vega PLC is always ready to help you out in these situations.

Luke AFB Father's Rights AdobeStock 9125025 Child Support 1 300x200In other cases, a man would want to reject the claim by a mother that he is the biological father of a kid. Because paternity tests are deemed to be totally accurate even by law, this is the best way to settle these issues.

Fathers who have already been raising a child for a long time may begin to have concerns about their biological link to their child. It is unfortunate if they find out that they are not related by blood at all, making it very complicated and difficult for the kid. But even if the legal process may be lengthy and complex, Dodge & Vega PLC is ready to create a plan to help you be a legal father figure to the kid you’ve been taking care of, ensuring that your relationship can be protected by the law.

No matter how complicated the case is, Dodge & Vega PLC can provide all the legal services that you need for all your Luke AFB, AZ father’s rights cases. Whether you are trying to establish a paternity relationship or reinforce your father-child relationship, rest assured that we are a legal team that you can trust with all your family law endeavors.

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Our Luke AFB father’s rights team at Dodge & Vega PLC understands how difficult it is for fathers to fight for their parental rights. With our assistance, you can be assured that we will do our best to ensure that your parental rights are recognized and that you have access to your children to build your relationship with them. Call us today to find out more about our legal services and how they can help you.

Dodge & Vega PLC ’s team of Luke AFB father’s rights experts will not just give you high-quality technical services. We also have a deep understanding of your situation, and so we want to bring our very best in every case that we handle. Contact us as soon as you can so we can immediately find the best legal services fit for your specific situation.

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